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Founded in 1872

The Nash Law Firm has represented people and business in Manitowoc since 1872. Wisconsin’s court system was established in 1848. We’ve been around for awhile and we’ve been here. Our lawyers are involved in the community, sit on local boards of directors, and volunteer and donate time and resources to local charities.

When we’re in the office though, we are traveling statewide handling significant cases for individuals and businesses.  If you’re on the lakeshore from Manitowoc to Door County and Two Rivers to Sheboygan, you’re not going to find a specialized litigation firm with more lawyers and more experience than you will at The Nash Law Firm.  

Courtroom Expertise

The Nash Law Firm has been litigating cases to settlement or trial around Wisconsin for nearly 150 years.  We know the system, the system knows us. 

  • We represent people and businesses who are being sued.
  • We represent select insurance companies, both when claims are brought against policy holders and when insurance coverage is in dispute.
  • We represent people who are injured or maligned by the wrongdoing of others.
  • We represent policyholders who have issues with denied or reduced insurance claims.
  • We represent doctors and hospitals.
  • We represent employers and employees.
  • We represent landlords and tenants.
  • We represent your friends and associates and their businesses when results matter.

Insurance Defense

For several decades, The Nash Law Firm has been achieving positive results for the largest insurers in Wisconsin. We represent insurance companies in litigation involving everything from car accidents to complex commercial disputes. 

Business Matters

Our significant litigation experience provides a unique perspective to assist business clients with their everyday needs. Want to know how to best protect yourself from liability? Employee handbooks? Do you just need some quick insight into an issue? We are here to help. Want to bounce something off someone in the area who has some insight into the issues and folds you’re dealing with? Give us a call. 

Other Local Needs

Attorney Thomas A. Van Horn is of counsel at The Nash Law Firm providing family law, real estate and general practice with an emphasis on trusts and estates and estate planning.

In the following situations, give us a call. 

  • Did your home or business suffer a significant property loss? Need some advice on where to go next?
  • Did you or your business suffer an injury of any kind at the hands of another?
  • Is a life or health insurance company denying your claim because of some exclusion or one-sided investigation?
  • Does your board of directors need some legal advice?
  • Is an employer offering you a severance package with complicated language and you need some guidance?
  • Do you have issues with an employee you'd like to discuss?
  • Are you concerned about the costs of a nursing home? Are there ways to avoid, or mitigate, those costs?
  • Is your Will up to date?
  • Does your family need the assistance of the Court to settle your estate? Can the probate process be avoided, and should it be?
  • Do you understand the advantages of the Wisconsin Marital Property Law?
  • Are you concerned about your estate if this a second marriage where there are children from a previous marriage?
  • Have you considered the need to have someone make health care and/or financial decisions for you?
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